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Read this now before you make your next online payment  online or log on to your facebook account… Do you know that researcher have said that over 175,000 to 500,000 bots has been infected by a Pushdo Dropper Trojan?

Do you also know that there is a malicious Firefox and chrome extensions that can give hackers remote access over any infected facebook profile?

The malware can add posts to a profile, join groups, like pages, chat, make comment on posts and also invite friends or other people to join their groups through any infected facebook account. That not all, there is more to it…

The Trojan also, works as a dropper and opens backdoor connections. This malware have the abilities to message it posts to attract other facebook users to infects themselves base on the file download configuration on the malware. Source from Microsoft said only one of the link shared by the perpetrators had 2,746 likes and had been shared 167 times with 165 comments, showing a high numbers of potential victims. After some hours the previous analysis, of all numbers had increase.

You say to yourself that hackers will only have access to your facebook account no big deal but the real threat is, once your pc or device is infected, the hackers might gain access to your personal information which could be dangerous to you. You wouldn’t want hackers to gain access to your information such as your creditcard details etc., would you?

Norton coupons| Food for thought

In 2010 more than 8.1 million people were victims of Identity theft, report from Norton sometime ago shows that 40% of many major attacks were targeted at SME, where do you think the remaining 60% will be targeted?

Is your system secure? Do you have a reputable Antivirus that has stand the test of time? Before you do your next shopping online, have you protect yourself online?

Norton has been in the business of internet/pc protection for more than 84 years now. Symantec owners Norton have products for various individuals, corporate bodies; company’s owners etc., it programs run on Mac, windows, Mobile devices etc. Norton have all the complete features to suite various needs. Their products ranges from Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Antivirus, Norton 360™ …

Norton Antivirus: is best suited for parents, it have antivirus and anti-malware programs and also have parental controls which can restrict and monitor children’s access to certain sites which parent might find offensive. It also have the features were parents can limit the amount of time their kids can spend online.

Norton 360: is better choice for company owners that need to provide antivirus for her computers protections. Norton 360 has many more anti-malware and anti-worm features to the regular Norton Anti-virus program. It has a two-way firewall guard system which is equipped to take care of multiple attacks.

Norton Internet Security: is specially design to the suite the needs of individuals that own companies and those whose offices make frequent use of pc technology in the line of their work or services they render.

Norton Internet Security have special friendly features the safeguards your company or industrial secrets. It has a two-way firewall program design to protect against malware hidden or embedded inside personal emails or instant messenger windows.

Norton Internet Security also have Identity safe which helps to store and protect your personal login information against identity thieves and “Keyloggers”