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About Symantec


Symantec Organization was established in 1982 by Gordon Eubanks and is located in Cupertino, Florida. The company has about 6 billion dollars in income with a 15.2% year-over-year development. It focuses primarily on pc protection, information protection and distant store with both client and company promotions.


Symantec developed a good part of its durability on the ‘Norton’ name, which represents Chris Norton, originator of Norton computering which Symantec purchased in 1990. The Norton production contains popular application headings such as Norton Anti-virus and Norton Internet Security, developed to provide pc protection against a wide range of online risks.


Norton computing was just one puchase Symantec, which developed substantially by obtaining many other companies such as Delrina in in 1995 (Winfax products), Binary Research in 1998 (Ghost) and more recently Veritas in 2005 (Backup Exec). These days, Symantec is represented in more than 40 nations and has a strong reputation: many of its application software are regarded sources in their specific areas.


Symantec Organization

20330 Stevens Stream Blvd.

Cupertino, CA 95014-2132

Tel: 408-517-8000

Fax: 408-517-8186

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